Client Reporting


    What is Reporting?

    Reporting is the formatting or presentation of audited data in the form of reports (analytical reports, results, presentations, etc). These reports are often periodic and generated in very large quantities, hence the importance of an automated solution that saves time and resources.

    Information in the form of a report can be stored or transmitted in various formats (e-mails, print, pdf, ppt,...) to customers (Client Reporting), internal/external managers or partners. They provide a snapshot of the results achieved and are often the basis for strategic decision-making.

    Reporting in the banking sector

    Client Reporting in banking is a periodic process designed to inform clients about the activities and financial results of the assets deposited and managed by the bank. This information takes the form of Customer Reports (sometimes also called Client Reporting); these are in paper or electronic form, and can be transactional, operational or analytical.

    A Client Report presents information either on a single transaction/operation (notice), a list of transactions/operations (transaction statement), a loan (loan situation), or on all clients' assets (portfolio statement).

    Examples of customer reporting in the banking industry include: transaction notices, account statements, loan statements, portfolio statements or estimates, management reports, etc.


    Accelerating the digitalisation: What if the solution was in your reports?

    Digitalisation has a direct impact on all business models and organisations. The challenge is therefore to set up a system that supports the use and the transmission of the data.  But the process needs to go further.

    In order to create sustainable value for the company, the information should be  accessible, reliable and easily transmitted. By allowing audited data to be quickly formatted in various formats and by transmitting most of the information throughout multiple distribution channels, a reporting solution plays a decisive role.

    Does your digitalisation strategy include an effective reporting solution?

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