BI & Data Visualization

    BI: add value to your data

    Business Intelligence (BI) software is used to collect, normalize, store, historize, model, analyze and visualize complex data from different sources. BI solutions are a very valuable decision-making aid, allowing a high degree of interaction with data, and decision-making based on verified results and objective data.

    In addition to Reporting, BI and data visualization tools, often presented in the form of dashboards, allow very advanced multi-dimensional analysis, making data easily accessible through filters, graphs, drill-downs and drill-ups, "what if" scenarios, etc. Data is thus valued and decision-making facilitated. These tools make it possible to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and company results in realtime or offline.

    Dashboard & Analytics

    We are official Microsoft partners and provide consulting services on Power BI.  We also work with the products Prep, Desktop, and Server from Tableau Software.

    Our services include:

    • Business needs analysis
    • Definition of dashboard contents and layout
    • Definition of the analysis dimensions, dimension hierarchies, and facts
    • Technical analysis of data sourcing
    • Implementation of an extraction layer, normalization and any intermediate data store
    • Software installation and parameterization
    • Security

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