Big Data consulting services

Does your company own large amounts of data from the web, social medias, ERP, and CRM systems?  

Would you like to transform this IT and administrative burden into a significant competitive advantage, but you need guidance and expertise to do so?

We have the solution: our Big Data experts can help you to analyze, plan, build and roll-out solutions that will allow you to leverage the vast amount of data you own in order to increase revenue and reduce costs, for example by better targeting your prospects and clients, personalizing your products offering, etc.

What is Big Data?

Big Data describes a set of IT processes and technologies that allows companies to manage and analyze large amounts of data. It is often defined by the 3 V's: Volume, Velocity and Variety of the data:

  • Data Volume: Big Data technologies can process vast amount of data

  • Data Velocity: Big Data technologies can collect, analyse, and use the results in real-time.

  • Data Variety: Big Data technologies can process a very broad spectrum of data sources and data formats, ranging from semi-structured or non-structured (Web Mining, Text Mining, Image Mining, Open Data, IP address...) to structured normalized or de-normalized data (transactional application databases, data warehouses and datamarts, etc.)

According to Metamarkets, if the company data is stored in Excel spreadsheets, we talk about "Small Data", if a single MySQL database is enough, then we talk about "Medium Data", and if the data is spread across multiple servers and multiple sites, then we talk about "BIG DATA".


What is the future of the Big Data?

According to a Gartner survey, 64% of companies have invested or planned to invest in Big Data projects in the coming years.

In the past 2 to 3 years, Big Data has become one of the central concerns of the IT world, due not only to the general digitization of the business world, but also to the growth of the mobile market, e-commerce, digital marketing and cloud computing.

Companies now face an ever increasing amount of data. Big Data technologies allow them to transform what could be seen as a burden into an important competitive advantage... provided that their possess the right skills and the appropriate tools.


Our expertise on Big Data technologies

  • icon Frameworks
  • icon Programming languages
  • icon Databases
  • icon Cloud computing
We have expertise in the following frameworks:
  • Hadoop (HDFS, Map/Reduce, Pig, Hive, YARN, Sqoop, Flumeo),
  • Spark,
  • Akka

We have expertise in the following programming languages:
  • Scala,
  • R

We have expertise in the following data bases:
  • Cassandra,
  • MongoDB,
  • Redis,
  • ElasticSearch,
  • HBase.
We have expertise in the Cloud computing:
  • AWS,
  • Docker.

Who should use Big Data?

  • Finance +

    Market surveillance, security, regulatory compliance, targeting ... Read More
  • Marketing and sales +

    Customer segmentation, advertising, competitive intelligence, forecasting and sales analysis ... Read More
  • Insurance +

    Risk analysis, fraud prevention, customers targeting .. Read More
  • Public sector +

    Security, political watch, road traffic management .. Read More
  • Health +

    Personalized medicine, health care impovement... Read More
  • Human Ressources +

    Recruitment, internal skills development ... Read More
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Our Big Data consulting services

  • Big Data architecture
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Big Data training
ReportingSoft SA develops Big Data architectures that meet the needs of your company.
Traditional BI architectures today are unable to process Tera- or Petabytes of data.

To avoid this limitation, three types of architecture have emerged based on an "In Memory" approach:
  • the distributed approach: data is partitioned across multiple low-cost / commodity servers.
  • the appliance approach: data is stored on systems capable of supporting multiple Terabytes of RAM.
  • the Massively Parallel approach: this architecture is based on the division of storage and processing on a grid of servers. It can store very large amounts of data thanks to its "elastic" capacity. Hadoop is a Massively Parallel Open Source solution designed to run on commodity hardware.
We provide our customers with proof of concept on Big Data projects, in order to show them the benefits on their data, on-site.
The proof of concept (POC) is a prototype that is designed to determine the feasibility of a project. The objective is to find solutions to technical problems, such as how Big Data architecture can be integrated or throughput can be achieved through a given configuration.

ReportingSoft SA offers Proof of Concept / workshop including:
  • Installing Big Data architecture in test mode, adapted to your IT environment.
  • The development of analytical application based on your data.

We offer theoretical and practical training sessions aimed towards a wide range of audiences. Our courses can be made both on site or from our premises in Lausanne. Our training sessions cover the following Big Data technologies and architectures:
  • Frameworks: Hadoop, Spark, Akka
  • Programming languages: Scala, R
  • Databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, HBase
  • Cloud computing: AWS, Docker
  • Architecture in Memory
  • Massively parallel architecture