We can help you leverage Big Data solutions in several areas of the financial services sector

  • Wealth management
  • Risk management
  • Fraud management
  • Personalized investment advice

Big Data for Trading

Highly efficient trading algorithms can be developed by leveraging large amounts of data from multiple data sources in real time.  Our Big Data experts can assist you in the analysis, development and roll-out of such algorithms.

Big Data for Risk Management

In a continuously changing environment, financial services organization constantly need to define new rules for identifying and mitigating risk.  Risks include: uncertain financial markets, susceptibility to legal liabilities, competitive risk of losing customers, impact of natural disasters, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, operational risk, etc.

Our Big Data solutions help you to gather, analyze and get an overview of the risk data in real time, resulting in better management of risks.

Big Data for Fraud Management

Predictive analysis tools are used to build models to detect and prevent fraud.

Our Big Data solutions can assist you in analyzing the correlation of data from multiple sources, such as location information, buying habits, transaction historical data and other sources to detect credit card fraud.

Big Data for Commodity Trading

Our Big Data solutions help the Commodity Trading to generate better returns.

A trader who works on prices of wheat can now get direct feeds from the farms in real-time, using sensors deployed in the farms that provide information instantly about crop yields, crop type, timing for harvest, etc. and generate better returns.

Big Data for personalized investment advice

Our Big Data solutions can provide customers with automated investment advice, based on Big Data algorithms that can even replace advisers.



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