Big Data is often associated with marketing data

Big Data technologies can be leveraged to analyze very large amounts of customer data from multiple sources, such as:

  • e-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social networks: For example, Twitter generated, in January 2013, 7 terabytes of data every day, and Facebook 10 terabytes (Wikipedia source).
  • Search engines
  • Data producers

Our Big Data solutions allow our customers to address several marketing issues, for example:

  • Call centers effectiveness: our Big Data experts help our customers to anticipate customer issues and to exceed their expectations in order to increase products and services sales.

  • Product and services customization: our Big Data solutions help our customers to define different customer segments, taking into account such information as their preferences, their visits on their website, etc.  Personalized product and services offerings as well as highly targeted advertising can be established on the basis of that information.

  • Customer retention: our Big Data solutions help our customers retain their customers by closely monitoring their activities across the different channels, in order to identify signs of a loss of interest or discontentment, for example a client that has not visited a website for a given period of time, or has liked the product of a competitor on a social network, etc.




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