Our services in Reporting process audit


List of technical errors on Reporting process

Our experience has shown that every reporting system has client-specific areas for improvement that are worth addressing:

  • Reporting production and distribution is still manual or only partially automated
  • The quality of the reporting process is not checked automatically
  • A lack of reliability in the process results in calculation errors, missing reports, reports with errors, etc.
  • The reporting process is incompatible with other IT systems




Reporting process optimization model

To avoid operational and technical errors in the process, we help you design and implement the best reporting process and supporting IT systems:

  • Analyze the internal IT system and current Reporting process
  • Determine the gap between the desired reporting process and the current reporting process
  • Design and develop the Reporting process that will produce the best end-result



Return on investment

During this stage of the process, we suggest designing a return-on investment strategy to measure the end-results of the Reporting process.

Return on investment indicators:



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