Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    What is a CRM system? And why is it important to choose the right CRM software?

    A CRM system (or Customer Relationship Management) is a software that centralizes all the customer information in detail and in real time. The software not only gathers the contact information, characteristics and preferences of all the customers in one central place, but it also stores all the interactions with the customers such as emails, appointments, phone calls, product and service purchase history, etc.  By extension, it is possible to store and manage the information and interactions of any external company counterparts through a CRM such as suppliers, partners, etc.

    Do you want to integrate a CRM system into your information system?

    Our consultants can help you in the following areas:

    1. Requirements analysis: contact management, sales force management, marketing, help desk and customer support
    2. Writing business and technical specifications
    3. Market survey of the latest CRM software
    4. Writing a call for tenders, analysis of responses
    5. Selection of a CRM software
    6. Installation, configuration and customization of the selected CRM software
    7. Support and maintenance of the selected CRM software


    A CRM system allows a reduction in sales costs, and an increase in turnover thanks to the optimized management of the sales forces

    A CRM system makes it possible to monitor, manage and optimize sales processes by managing leads, prospects, sales and business opportunities, sales and pre-sales activities, etc. Dashboards and reports showing the expected turnover by sales representative, region, product category, probability of business completion, etc. make it possible to manage and optimise sales activity.  Specific modules are used to optimize the travel time of sales representatives from one customer to another, etc

    A CRM system is a very effective marketing tool

    Thanks to the multiple attributes that can be defined for each customer, a CRM system makes it possible to better understand customers, their needs and their purchasing habits; it allows them to be segmented and to refine the business strategy and the company positioning. A CRM system also makes it possible to define strategic actions such as advertising and marketing campaigns, build customer loyalty and development, detect new business opportunities, etc

    A CRM system is the engine that drives your help desk / customer support department

    In addition to contact, interaction, sales and marketing information, a CRM system allows you to manage all the activity of a help desk.  Support tickets, employees, escalation levels, monitoring dashboards, etc. All this information can be managed in real time and will be automatically available to all employees, just like other information.

    CRM, Data Integration and Master Data Management (MDM)

    The information contained in a CRM system (contacts, sales, activities, etc.) is often input, updated and used in multiple other applications of the information system.  Problems of a) synchronization of these different systems, b) data quality, and c) management of the master data (i.e. reference data) therefore arise... which are typical of the fields of data integration and MDM, two preferred fields of ReportingSoft.

    Feel free to contact us to learn more about the application of data integration and MDM to the CRM field, and to receive information on our reference projects.

    Analytical CRM, an application of Business Intelligence (BI) to CRM

    Once properly integrated into the company's processes and information system, a CRM system becomes a real data gold mine. It is then possible to build dashboards and reports that show key indicators and multiple levels of analysis of the company's current or realized turnover, costs, staff utilization; all this by quarter, region, sales, product or service category, etc. and in real time!

    Contact us to receive a personalized offer of analytical CRM.

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