Data Integration and Data Management

    Data storage and access: Data warehouse, datamart, data lakes

    Over time and successive migrations, has your information system become increasingly fragmented?  Can you access and use all your data in an optimal way and in real time, including the oldest records?  Would you like to be able to go back in time to make historical comparisons of your data?

    Data quality

    Does the quality of your data allow you to use it to build dashboards, reports and analyses?  If not, do you know the actual level of quality of your data, and how to increase it?

    Master Data Management (MDM)

    Is your master data sufficiently standardized and normalized so that you can easily aggregate it when it comes from multiple data sources?  Would you like to be able to manage your master data centrally and have any chance automatically propagated to all your systems / data sources?

    Our consultants can answer all your questions on these topics, audit your information system and suggest ways to optimize the value chain around your data. ReportingSoft can help you on the following topics:

    • Systems integration
    • Creation and maintenance of interfaces and web services
    • Data warehouses, datamarts, data lakes, etc.
    • Data historization
    • Data quality
    • Normalization and centralized management of your master data
    • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

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