Our Reporting services

    Reports: a concentration of information and knowledge

    An ideal complement to BI & Analytics, a Reporting system presents a snapshot of your data at a given point in time. Each report presents the data in a targeted and easy-to-access way, combining analytical with detailed data. Reports can easily be distributed over multiple channels: they can be shared by e-mail, printed or archived. Reports produced in multiple formats for viewing (PDF), or for editing (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.).

    Reporting: our core business.

    We are specialized in the field of Reporting, in particular on BIRT, Actuate (OpenText Analytics) and Jasper technologies, around which we offer development, migration, audit and scalable maintenance services. We work on the implementation of new solutions, as well as on the maintenance of existing systems.

    Our consultants typically work on the following topics:

    • Analysis of business needs (content and layout of the reports, production and distribution processes, etc.)
    • Audit and identification of the main operational risks of an existing reporting system
    • Functional and/or technical architecture
    • Development of regulatory or customized report templates
    • Migration of report templates to a new technology
    • Secure storage of the reports produced
    • Integration with an archive or document management (DMS) system
    • Management of the printing line
    • Choice of a report production engine

    Technologies and industries

    We are specialized in the following Reporting technologies: Actuate (now OpenText Analytics), BIRT and Jasper.

    We have delivered projects in the following industries: wealth management / Private Banking, asset management, public administrations and international organisations, insurance and insurance brokers, real estate, heavy industries, etc

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  • ReportingSoft is primarily a global presence, the employees of which are recognized for their expertise, mutually enriching their business and technology skills. In all their actions, they carry with them the group's core values​​: responsiveness, commitment, professionalism and performance. For ReportingSoft, the success of a project requires not only skills but also strong common values.