Discover our Triple'A Plus consulting services

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Services overview

ReportingSoft SA offers independent consulting services for Temenos Triple'A Plus projects: Triple'A Plus audit, upgrades, training and consulting.
We provide advice on how to design, configure and customize the Triple'A Plus platform to meet your business needs.

  • Triple'A Plus project management and coordination
  • Business needs analysis
  • Triple'A Plus configuration and customization



Our expertise

More than 20 years of consulting experiences in the private banking industry on Triple'A Plus projects.

Our Triple'A Plus consultants analyse your business needs in portfolio management, risk analysis, performance analysis, business process, data quality, legal and compliance, investment strategy... and help you to transform these needs into a Triple'A Plus-based solution, in order to perform and stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.





Our Triple’A Plus expertise in details

  • Project management and coordination
  • Business needs analysis
  • Configuration and customization
  • Reporting Triple'A Plus (Actuate) configuration and customization
Our consulting services in Triple'A Plus project management and coordination

We can help you manage and coordinate Triple'A Plus projects on business and technical areas:
  • Project planning: scope, budget, timeline…
  • Project staffing
  • Business analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Implementation: Triple’A core, WTX interfaces, Actuate reports, WUI…
  • Testing
  • Production support

Our consulting services in business needs analysis

We can help you analyse your business needs in several areas of the wealth management business:
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Risk analysis: VAR computation, stress testing, simulation, what-if scenario…
  • Advanced performance analysis: performance contribution, performance attribution…
  • User interface: GUI, WUI…
  • Business process definition
  • Data quality
  • GIPS compliance
  • Order management: allocate order, strategy reconciliation, order entry…
  • Investment strategy definition
  • Interfaces: front-to-back, back-to-front (STP), instrument data…
  • Global custody
  • Reports: PB and institutional client statement, tax statement, GIPS-composite report…
  • Proposal generator
Our consulting services in Triple'A Plus configuration and customization

We can help you configure and customize Triple'A Plus in several areas:
  • Instruments: stocks, fixed income, options, futures, forwards, funds…
  • Asset classification: instrument classification, market structure…
  • Format and screen development: valuation, performance analysis, check strategy, journal of liquidities, operation list…
  • Security: data profile, data security profile, format profile, screen profile, report profile…
  • Strategy and benchmark implementation: allocation, model portfolio, investment profile…
  • Performance calculation configuration: performance storage (parameters and batch) , performance analysis parameters

Once the business analysis made, we help you transform the model "business" of your report in a document produced by the Actuate Report Server integrated into the platform Triple'A Plus:

  • Installation and parameterization of Actuate server
  • Setting the standard report via XML file components and style sheet
  • Development of high-quality customized reports, modular and customizable by customer segment, currency, language, etc.
  • Automation of the month-end document production via our Reporting Maestro software, or your internal solution
  • Integration with your internal or external mass production line printing, enveloping, franking
  • Integration with your centralized archiving system
  • Integration with your Intranet, Extranet or e.Banking
  • Analysis and optimization of production time at Triple'A Plus, Sybase, and Actuate
  • Analysis and Control document security

ReportingSoft is primarily a global presence, the employees of which are recognized for their expertise, mutually enriching their business and technology skills. In all their actions, they carry with them the group's core values​​: responsiveness, commitment, professionalism and performance. For ReportingSoft, the success of a project requires not only skills but also strong common values.