Innovate with our integrated Reporting Maestro platform

    A complete reporting platform

    The "Reporting Maestro" platform is a global business intelligence tool that combines two main modules: an innovative self-service reporting creation tool (the Business Report Designer) and a module (the Reporting Maestro Server) which automates the production, the secure distribution and the storage of reports, as well as the verification of the data.

    The advantages of a global reporting solution

    Our reporting solution allows you to manipulate, aggregate, sort and format information from various data sources easily and intuitively by using a simple a drag-and-drop system. Data verification and distribution is fully automated.

    Installation & support

    Fully available using API, our platform is modular and can be installed on any existing system. Our consultants advise and assist you throughout the migration process. Migrating your existing report templates and reports is made easier through our automated migration tool.

    Discover below the two main components of our Reporting Maestro platform:

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