How to use Business Report Designer ?

    Step 1: choose a page layout

    To create a new report template, first choose one or several page models from a library of predefined page models; optionally, new page models can also be created.  The type of page layouts that can be created is virtually unlimited and includes:

    • Portrait or landscape orientation
    • Full page content or content shown in two or more columns or areas
    • Rich page header and footer with logo, rich text, report date, report parameters, etc.
    • Watermark
    • Etc.

    Step 2: drag-and-drop report modules

    To compose the report, simply drag-and-drop report modules from a library of pre-configured modules to the desired location on the page model. Further modules can then be added, moved or re-ordered using the same drag-and-drop mechanism.  Creating a report is very easy and the report takes shape in just a few clicks.

    All elements of the report are based on data audited and approved by the company, thus minimizing the risk of error.



    Step 3: use the extensive customization options

    Once positioned on the page model, report modules can be customized thanks to a set of properties and parameters; they allow the type of visualization, the date or date range, the language, the columns or dimension shown, etc. to be changed.

    The template can be viewed instantly and at any time simply by clicking on the "Preview" button.  A template can also be shared with other users for collaborative work

    When finished, the template can be published to the Reporting Maestro Server to be mass-produced, distributed and stored for later retrieval. Different distribution channels include e-mail, print and archive.  Formats include PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, XML or Word...


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