Self-service Reporting: a fully modular reporting platform exposed in API

    Reporting Maestro is a complete and innovative reporting platform thanks to its modular structure in API (Application Programming Interface). All data sources (1) are connected to the system (2) from where targeted information will be extracted (3) and then redistributed (4) in various formats to customers. This system brings together and on the same platform different modules with specific features that can be installed separately. This specific structure allows you to add modules and new features to change or complete your current reporting system and benefit from the best technologies. You create your own ideal reporting platform for your system.

    The Business Report Designer component is the new reporting tool of this solution. Thanks to this tool, each user can easily process and format previously audited data into reports. Data is valued and good decision-making facilitated.

    The production, the distribution of mass reports and data verification are automatically controlled by the Maestro Server Reporting component, the data automation module. This modular and tailor-made solution is also a real added value for the company.


    Business Report Designer: develop your creative side for a custom layout

    This reporting tool offers a new approach to reporting by allowing each user (without prior knowledge of Reporting and without IT assistance) to create and modify reports simply and quickly.
    The Business Report Designer is a new component of the Reporting Maestro platform that uses a simple drag-and-drop system to easily format and configure the desired data. Creating and editing reports becomes very accessible. Decision-making are then only based on reliable and pre-selected data. Numerous features allow you to customize and finalize reports before the information transmission stage, which is fully automated by the Reporting Maestro Server module.

    Reporting Maestro server: an automation and distribution module for reports

    The Reporting Maestro Server organizes the production, the distribution, the verification and the storage of data in a fully automated way. All information provided to customers, employees and managers is 100% verified and reliable. This system allows real performance improvements, both in terms of autonomy and time savings.

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