Discover the key benefits of Reporting Maestro


    Technical benefits

    Perform in quality with Reporting Maestro:

    • Reliable: Reporting Maestro is based on a transactional database and is therefore very reliable in production environments. Order executions can be paused, stopped, or resumed anytime.
    • Easy to use: Business Report Designer (additional function of Reporting Maestro) is an easy, flexible and yet powerful report template designer tool. You can create your own report templates or customize existing templates in a few clicks without the need for IT engineers or training.
    • Flexible and integrable: Reporting Maestro can execute complex workflows and access external:
      • Portfolio management / core banking systems such as Triple‘A, Finnova, Avaloq, Olympic or Globus
      • Reporting systems, e.g. Actuate iServer, BIRT or Crystal Reports
      • Archive systems, e.g. IMTF or IBM OnDemand through especially developed Java connectors.
    • High Quality: Reports size and content is validated automatically by a rule-based system.
    • Audits and legal compliance: Each data element has its own automatic versioning. Data access is authenticated and authorized.


    Business benefits

    Perform your Business with Reporting Maestro:

    • Cost reduction and increased productivity: The automation of reporting processes eliminates expensive, time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.
    • Strengthen the image: Satisfy the customers' ever increasing need for high quality services and on-time delivery of comprehensive client reports.
    • More time for the clients: The employees can spend more time taking care of client relationships and less time with administrative Back-Office tasks.
    • Create personalized reports for your clients in a few clicks: The Business Report Designer was designed specifically for the business users, and is particularly well-suited to the financial industry.
      It typically allows a portfolio manager, an asset manager or a relationship manager to create a personalized document in a few mouse clicks, for example for an important meeting with a client, an investor or a regulator, according to their needs (Distribution by assets by geographic area, by cash...)

    Customer satisfaction

    Increase your customer satisfaction with Reporting Maestro

    1. Create a relationship of trust with your customers by making profitable assets: Reporting Maestro is a tool for decision support. It generates an overview of the client’s financial activity and therefore helps customers to choose the best financial investments.

    2. Increase customer satisfaction with high end reports: Your customers needs are satisfied with personalized and high end reports, distributed in multichannel (e-banking, smartphones, tablet, post).

    3. Build loyalty by supporting the customer on a daily basis: Your customer would like to check the evolution of its portfolio at any time? The asset manager can generate "ad hoc" reporting, depending on customer requirements (daily, weekly, monthly).


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